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Rack and Spur Hunt Club, LLC

Saluda, South Carolina

Kathy breaks the ice with a nice 105 lb. doe on tract 1 on 9-22-20.

Leo harvest a nice 130 lb. 3 pt on tract 1 on 9-26-20.

Kathy scores again with another 105 lb. doe on tract 1 on 9-26-20. Hey Mark good thing you like to just drag deer.

John Peek harvest a nice 150 lb. 6 pt on tract 1 on 10-01-20.

Jimmy Clark harvested this 110lb. 5pt on tract 3 on 10-03-20.

Rob Edmundson gets on the board with a 138 lb. 6pt on tract 10 on


Tony Blair gets a 94 lb. doe on the club house property on 10-07-20.

Landon Mook, brings home the bacon with this 118 lb. hog from tract 6 on 10-10-20.

First year hunter Preston Mills gets is first deer, a nice 115 lb. 4pt on tract 10 on 10-11-20.

Preston Mills does it again on back to back days with this very nice 191 lb. 9pt on tract 1 on 10-12-20. WTG Preston!!!

New member Zach Hopkins harvest this nice 125 lb. 7pt on 10-12-20 on tract 6. Congratulations Zach!

Mark Couch trying to keep pace with Kathy, gets on the board with this nice 110 lb. 4pt. on tract 1 on 10-12-20.

Christine LaCounts gets her first of the year out of her new 'condo' stand with this very nice 149 lb. 6pt.

Landon Mook doubles down with a 94 lb. doe and a 115 lb. doe on tract 9 on 10-12-20.

Landon Mook strikes again with this 120 lb. 3pt on tract 3 on 10-13-20.

Phil Hurt (aka El Presidente) harvests a nice 136 lb. 5pt on 10-13-20 on tract 3.

New member Kris Prater gets his first harvest at Rack and Spur with this nice 110 lb. cow horn on 10-13-20 on tract 6.

David Cornwell harvests a very nice 145 lb. 5pt on 10-13-20 on tract 9.

Tim Gibson harvested this nice 135lb. 6pt on 10-16-20 on tract 5.

Rob Edmundson harvests another one, a 150lb. 6pt from tract 3 on 10-16-20.

Rob Edmundson harvest two more, a 105lb. doe on tract 5 on 10-17-2020 followed by this 129lb. 4pt on tract 3 on 10-18-20. 3 deer in 3 consecutive days. Maybe we should be following Rob around.

Jimmy Clark harvested this 115lb. 6pt on 10-17-20 on tract 1.

Ted Gant harvested this nice 130lb. 6pt on 10-18-20 from tract 6.

Millie Blair gets her first of the year with this nice 120 lb. 4 pt on 10-22-20 on tract 6.

Kara Jefferson gets another nice one, a 120 lb. 6pt on tract 6 on 10-22-20.

Jeff LaCount harvested this nice 111lb. doe on 11-20-20 on tract 6.

George Mook harvested this nice 160lb. 8pt on 11-20-20 on tract 10.

Joseph Schipp harvested this nice 120lb 4pt on tract 6 on 12-05-20.