Rack and Spur Hunt Club, LLC

Saluda County, South Carolina

We are just a group of good guys and gals who love to hunt and have a good time together. We understand the importance of having a family atmosphere so everyone can enjoy the outdoors. We have regular meetings to discuss ways to grow the club and make things better. This is a family and safety oriented club. So, if you're one who likes to drink a lot and break the rules; this club is probably not for you. We watch our language around the kids and wives (and some of the fellows too). We want the young ones to appreciate the fact that everyone can safely enjoy and appreciate nature, and have a good time.  Come join us at Rack and Spur!


Rack and Spur Leadership Team Members

Phil Hurt

Lead Coordinator Tract 2 & 9
Phone: 864-980-0617

Jimmy Kirkland

Vice President
Lead coordinator Tract 1
Phone: 864-445-2193

Jeff LaCount

Phone: 803-608-1770

Curtis Gibson

Web Administrator & Communications

Lead coordinator tracts 5 & 10

Phone: 803-600-4741

John Sightler

Lead coordinator tracts 4 & 7
Phone: 803-318-5931

Rob Edmundson

Tractor operator
Coordinator Tracts 2, 3, 6 & 9
Phone: 803-509-2477

Dan Kelley

Tractor operator 
Coordinator Tract 1
Phone: 803-834-9750

Jason Rinehart

Coordinator Tracts 3 & 6
Phone: 803-334-1964

Rodney Watson

Coordinator Tracts 4 & 7
Phone: 803-840-8152

Terry Wolfe

Tractor operator
Phone: 803-325-3184